Illustration Series: Flat 2D Characters

We collected a series of projects from illustrators around the globe and put them together as a way of showing how illustrations can enhance the creative process and help brands build a much more original identity.

This is our second series from our illustration series hosted on Mindsparkle Mag featuring the latest illustration trends, including 3D illustrations, UX illustrations, collage, and much more.
For this selection, we wanted to showcase different illustration styles, from simpler compositions to really complex images, which combine color palettes with textures, gradients and other visual effects. Our idea is to show how illustration can function as a very effective visual support system, providing personality to a brand or design project.
Robots are Coming is a beautiful Illustration project for French magazine Paprec illustrated by Janis Andzans.

02.09 2020

Sua Balac was comissioned to design/illustrate with/and for Hauke on his new visuals. Hauke is a writer and creative from Germany and just resumed his streaming on twitch.
These are a few illustrations Loris F. Alessandria created with Oddfellows for Airbnb featuring families, fun situations and cozy places. If you are a nature lover or a baby toting guy, there’s always a family friendly home in spectacular locations.
Alongside the talented team at Landor, Marco created this family of adorable, quirky and fun little animals Inspired by the weird and wonderful personalities of the pets we care so much about. Marco helped transform Petbarn’s identity into a living, breathing, tail-wagging brand. These furry, feathered and scaly friends went on to win a wood pencil in the 2019 D&AD awards in London for best Illustration & Moving Image.
Agridoce means bittersweet, Agridoce is a personal project & visual exploration about feelings and mixed sensations. It's about feeling the cold winter and the hot summer under the same skin; it can be compared to the first goodbye. We can say this is a way to express something a little bit confusing, a way to get the ideas and feelings in order.
Niceshit Studio created a series of illustrations for the project Join the Conversation. During the first trimester of the year they had the pleasure of working with the design team at a well-known tech platform on some internal tests to develop graphics and movement that would encapsulate their community of users and the spirit of the brand. At the core of the design thinking is the idea of a constant shifting space, made by the many conversations and passions coming together within it. Working with simple shapes and a bright but restricted color palette, they tried to strike a balance between emotive and clever, to achieve quick readability of each scenario and then a second read that makes you go “aaahh.”
Teaming up with Facebook and design agency Hieronymus, Brian Gossett illustrated 40 images for Facebook’s chatbot, a service that helps product users seeking support for issues ranging from privacy, spam filtering, dealing with bullying, and accessing old accounts. His own personal character style was melded with Facebook’s Alegria style to create something unique specifically for this service. The end result is a vibrant monochromatic set of character and graphic based illustrations formatted for smartphone screens.
Repotting is a Self-initiated project by Leandro Alzate.
We hope you've enjoyed these illustration series and we'll keep on working to bring the latest trends on illustration and design to our community of makers 😉

Credits: Martina Legarreta

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