Illustration Series: Nature Illustration

We collected a series of projects from illustrators around the globe and put them together as a way of showing how illustrations can enhance the creative process and help brands build a much more original identity.

This is our fourth series from our illustration series hosted on Mindsparkle Mag featuring the latest illustration trends, including 3D illustrations, UX illustrations, collage, and much more.
For this selection, we wanted to showcase nature in illustration: here we found that many illustrations use a range of varied techniques, achieving very different results. While some projects stick to digital tools and 3d or motion skills, others achieve the same richness by using more traditional materials, such as oil or acrylic painting combined with drawing. In any case, it is amazing to see how each illustrator gives their piece an original essence and they all manage to communicate their own interpretation of nature.

11.11 2020

Marina Dolgopolova is a freelance illustrator and character designer based in Kiev, Ukraine.
I DREAMED OF A TREASURE is a beautiful illustration project by Marc Majewski for an Unpublished print book.
Chaaya Prabhat designed this set of Hawaii based illustrations for a client to use for branding. Chaaya Prabhat is a graphic designer, illustrator and lettering artist. After completing her M.A in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design, she is now working independently in Chennai, India.
Marina Ivashko is the owner of this beautiful illustration. She is a professional artist and specialist of applied arts. She works within the decorative and applied field, where she own various materials and techniques. Worked with mosaics, ceramics and textiles.
Ksenia Lisouskaya created this illustration using a variety of techniques and skills which combine drawing, digital painting, illustration and 3d modeling. This give her illustrations a unique look.
Originally trained in fine art and traditional painting techniques, Alexander Jackson went on to study Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art, where he developed a more graphical style. Influenced by pop-culture, film, music, animation and a very broad range of visual art, his work often deals with responding to mainstream media, while at the same time showing a keen interest in character.
These illustration are a great way to get an artistic journey and travel around various places seen through the illustrators’ eye. We’ve collected an inspiring bunch of atmospheric illustrations showing landscapes and views, allowing you to feel the majesty and the brightness of nature around.
These series of illustrations in motion designed by Studio Fréro are a personal project inspired by tropical animals and landscapes.
Sarah Herlant is a Belgian illustrator and graphic designer with Bolivian roots. She brings into her illustrations her love to animals, plants, food, different cultures, colours and light.
Febin Raj illustrated this series together with Fireart Studio, with the message to look deep into nature. His style is characterized by images of nature and colorful, contrasting details, based mainly on digital illustration tools.
Alba de la Herrán illustrated this mural originally inspired by The Jungle Book. Her work was created for the contest Dormir Dcine 2020, where artists present ideas for hotel room decorations based on cinema and literature.
This is a personal series of illustration on the theme of houses in nature created by Charles-Etienne Brochu.
As seen in these projects, nature seems to be observed by different eyes according to each artist. Colors change, techniques and textures vary, depicting an enormous range of sensations to those who see the works. What they all have in common, however, is the richness of the landscapes and the organic shapes that nature itself carries, making it pleasant to watch and probably a way of being transported though the screen.

Credits: Martina Legarreta

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