Illustration Series: Illustration Trends 2021

We collected a series of projects from illustrators around the globe and put them together as a way of showing the hot illustration trends for this 2021.

This is our fifth illustration series hosted on Mindsparkle Mag featuring the latest trends, including 3D illustrations, UX illustrations, collage, and much more.
For this selection, we wanted to pick projects that showcase what's been hot on illustration during 2020 and expected to be used for this new year. 2020 was an atypical year for everybody, and this could be noticed on illustration and design, where creativity was somehow challenged and achieved new layers and incredible results. Some of these trends are still going to be an influence for 2021, and as illustration fans we wanted to share our own trend selection on this Illustration Series.

12.01 2021

3D Illustrations

Like 2020, 2021 will be the year of 3D illustrations and design. We will see this resource applied to objects, photo images, product design, illustrations and 2D designs. Adding depth, textures, colors and shapes in a realistic way, giving each design an original touch.

Shapes and Bold Colors

This trend has been strong for several years now: at first glance it may look like a doodle, but the beauty lies on its unfinished touches and rustic strokes. Here, bold colors overlap with full shapes, creating usually vibrant and fresh designs that can be applied for branding or simply as decorative art.

Outline Illustration

Illustrations in 2020 were dominated with this particular style of drawing, where the outline becomes an important component of the composition. In many cases it resembles to the way cartoons where drawn many years ago. We are sure that this trend will continue to be strong in 2021 as well.

Motion Cartoon Animation

This trend looks similar to the Outline Trend we shared before, but adding motion and animation to it. This movement makes each illustration alive in some way, and captures much more attention. This is why in many cases, motion cartoon illustration has been applied to social media posts or other types of campaigns.

Nature Inspired Illustration

Nature inspired illustration has been a strong trend on 2020. Here leaves, trees and flowers, color palette create calm, beautiful, sensitive designs. The way and the message that these designs communicate become really attractive to us, making it a trend that we will always come back to, as artists and also as viewers.

Golden 3D Modelling

Gold Modelling is a trend that results from the first one of our trends – 3D. This golden touch can be used in textures or shapes and gives each work a sophisticated finish, which can be also beautifully applied to branding or food art particularly.

Credits: Martina Legarreta

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