Illustration for Kids

Our Illustration Series has displayed a wide collection of different themed illustrations. We are letting ourselves have fun and get a little nostalgic about childhood. This edition is dedicated to our inner child living inside of all of us.
Do you remember being curious about everything? We try to come alive again with all those feelings and bring back the adventurous child's spirit, or at least for a while. The images reflect that bold and restless imprint of a kid. Different techniques have been used to capture a children's essence — most of them digitalized but with a personalized brush stroke. Allowing a joyful display of narrative, creators figured out typical scenarios from the little ones, such as building forts with the bed cloth or sleep time having the most otherworldly dreams

01.06 2021

We enjoyed creating and reviving this series' edition as we identified with most of the illustrations and appreciated the sensitivity each creator put on them. Let's be more fearless every day!

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