Design’s New Wave: Editor X

As designers, we constantly push the boundaries of what we can create on the web. Each generation of web designers has reimagined how we experience the online world. Design’s New Wave is a video series presented by Editor X— the advanced web creation platform— exploring how 3 emerging designers are bringing web design into the future.

29.08 2021

➔ Embracing chaos to cultivate community 

Annika Hansteen-Izora creates experimental online worlds that bring joy and connect communities. As designer and creative director at Somewhere Good— a startup social platform built to foster community for people of color— Annika creates loose and exploratory web experiences. They let go of strict curation to opt for designs that don't guide visitors through each and every step. “The user should be free to go wherever they want, and to connect with whomever they want,” Annika explains. Their hope is that giving users the freedom to make their own way through an online space will cultivate more meaningful human experience and connection. You can hear more about Annika’s perspective by checking out their video as part of the Design’s New Wave series 

Broadcasting messages of change 

Quinnton Harris amplifies messages of hope and change with his web design work. He is co-founder of Retrospect,  a studio that works with companies to bring inclusivity to their products and experiences. Quinnton examines how his work can shape and serve communities of color. At Retrospect, his mission is to use design and technology to tell the stories that have been missing from our collective storytelling. “I want to broadcast these messages to the world. And with web design, we’re able to do that better than ever before,” he says. Get to know more about Quinnton’s work in the Design’s New Wave video series

Empowering businesses and the people who run them

Abigail (Abby) Muir, a Brooklyn-based independent designer, empowers startups and small businesses through design. Abby draws on her business background to use design strategically. She solves her client’s challenges and supports their objectives with the websites she builds. She believes doing so sparks a chain reaction of success and positivity.  “I hope that the businesses I support are able to provide opportunities for other people in their spheres: the people that work for them, the people in their communities and the people working on the manufacturing side,” she says. Learn more about Abby’s self-made career by watching her video in the Design’s New Wave video series. 

Get to know more about how Annika, Quinnton and Abby are making waves in web creation. Discover their stories in the video series Design’s New Wave, presented by Editor X— the advanced web creation platform. 

Credits: Editor X

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