Seed condoms packaging

Angelina Pischikova, Karina Zhukovskaya & Co. designed Seed condoms packaging. Modern society has evolved to be more sex-positive than ever, but the world of condoms has not followed suit. Functional, performative and of a pharmaceutical visual world, condom brands are failing to connect us to the most important driver of sex: desire.

The big question: How can we take condoms from something you need to have, to something you want to use?

Seed subverts the visual clichés of the condom shelf to embrace the more exciting, emotional and sensual side of intimacy.
Protection is implicit; pleasure is key.

Seed condoms are made for every measure of pleasure – and with the environment in mind.

This design idea takes inspiration from fruit, and the way a fruit’s peel keeps its seeds from spreading. Each variant – ribbed, dotted, extra strength – takes the flavour of a fruit whose outer skin is characterised by a similar texture.

Creative team: Angelina Pischikova, Karina Zhukovskaya, Jessica Phillips. 
Animation by Sara Distefano
, Words by Ashleigh Steinhobel


Credits: Angelina Pischikova, Karina Zhukovskaya & Co.

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