Schweppes Premium Drinks

Pharus developed the entire visual identity system, packaging and content for Schweppes Premium Drinks. The creation of an identity connected to the universe of drinks, which could at the same time be flexible for the flavour innovation and also respect the Schweppes brand visual assets, was the challenge proposed by Coca-Cola Brasil to Pharus.

The concept behind the identity address the connection between the classic of century-old brand, a fundamental ingredient in the composition of many drinks, and contemporary expressed by the growing trend of consumption of ready-to-drink beverages on several occasions.In its creative process, Pharus always starts from an immersion in subject to inspire and expand the field of knowledge of those involved in the project.

The creative team studied the universe of mixology and the visual codes present in the packaging of alcoholic beverages, such as finishing, materials, in order to understand the composition of the sensory elements of these products.


Credits: Pharus

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