Are you a board games fan? Do you enjoy reviewing great design projects? If the answers two both questions are yes, then you should continue reading. Schackbräde, Swedish for chessboard, is a collection of chess game posters created by fagerström®. An exploratory side to promote interest in chess through design. Two disciplines that have many elements in common, such as creativity, beauty, strategy, balance, harmony, movement, spatial projection, art, or even the grid.

Do you want to become the next Beth Harmon? The queen’s gambit grandmaster. Taking as a basis the algebraic notation of chess movements and the main data of each game, the players, or the type of opening, they have created a series of posters in which the central element is a single movement, highlighting the squares on the chessboard through which a certain piece moved. The idea is to point out one of the key moments of each game, inviting the viewer to discover which movement it corresponds to and why it was important in the development of the game.
Schackbräde includes games with key movements intending to represent the almost infinite possibilities of this game. Made by different pieces, from the pawn to the king, and in different areas of the board. Featuring the typical black and white chess colors, it also has a modern and minimalistic style and this new poster format makes it more portable 😉

fagerström first batch shows 16 games played by some of the best international grandmasters throughout the 20th century, specifically between 1907 and 1999, which took place in 14 cities in 11 countries.
The posters were sent to the main schools and chess clubs in the town so that they can be displayed in their facilities or given as gifts to their students and members. 

fagerström is an independent design studio that works for clients from all over the world, of all sizes, and across different industries. Their approach combines meticulous work with a strong creative concept. They deliver visual solutions based on crafted design and strong conceptual thinking. Founded and led by creative director Puli Arancibia & strategy director Joaquín Pinochet, their goal is to provide each brand, company, or project with a solid, recognizable, and unique identity.


Credits: fagerström

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