S/BM – Linguistic Solutions

“Remaining steadfastly committed to delivering translations that resonate authentically with human expression.” Stefano Bianco Maselli

Translations in the era of artificial intelligence. This discourse revolves around the paramount significance of human experiences—a significance that resonates even within corporate and technical texts. S/BM, frequently engaged with the automotive and horological industries, eloquently showcase how the emotionality and precision derived from personal human experiences starkly differentiate themselves from texts generated by AI.

Studio Last have endeavored to reflect this ethos within the design of this visual identity and a new website, eschewing all sentimentality; quite the contrary. Their design for this VI is decidedly minimalist, encapsulating the contemporary ethos of human translations.

Concept, Design & Code: Studio Last. 2024
Fonts: Asfalt & Diatype by ABC Dinamo


Credits: Studio Last

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