Santi Brand Identity

What better day than Sunday for taking a nap? During the week, we daydream about our bed since we left it. But on the weekend, we enjoy our mattresses and sheets for a longer time as there’s no alarm forcing us to leave our comfort. So, today we’re showcasing the luxury bedding company, Santi. Its visual identity and naming are the result of Ensemble‘s work. 

The Manchester-based studio wanted to bring to life Sonnets of Sleep, which refer to the short thoughts we have while half-awake, and half asleep. They represented these ephemeral dreams as organic, ethereal shapes with two stargazing typographies. Plus, the design team asked Chris Barneau to create CGI imagery; to exceed expectations, they followed the four stages of the night featuring color gradients design.
Ensemble picked two typefaces, serif and sans serif, to create some refined tension among the text. Moreover, they played with both types, which one takes the protagonism depending on the expressive nature of the application. Plus, creatives chose some pale, soft hues for the typography’s color, which lay with the night sky transition. 

The overall aesthetic Ensemble studio managed to create makes us want to stay in bed all day long. The scientific essence of the organic shapes, the text’s style, and the three-dimensional design make Santi’s visual identity incredible. 


Credits: Ensemble

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