Sally Beauty branding

Sally Beauty Supply is a brand specialising in beauty with a wide range of skin care, hair and nail products. Sally started as a single store in New Orleans, United States in 1964. Today, it represents the world’s largest professional beauty supplies retailer with premier locations. Currently, Sally Beauty owns and operates more than 4,800 stores worldwide including: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, Japan, Germany, England and Mexico.
Sally Beauty’s re-design by Anagrama in Mexico introduces a new approach for the brand formalising its graphic communication at a regional level. The project evolves the current identity with components based on the existing international branding parameters.
Sally Beauty embodies a changing brand responding to seasons and trends. Its “word-mark” communicates neutrality and flexibility. The studio’s engagement results in a timeless brand fitting any style without under-appreciating its uniqueness. They included a series of textures, produced with a lipstick, accompanying typographical arrangements applied to different materials. Condensed typographies appear in a game of hierarchies and sizes reinforcing the casual and fun brand personality.


Credits: Anagrama

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