If 2020 is not yet the year of the apocalypse, which many survivalists and Nostradamus were waiting for, it still has a taste for it. Despite everything, it’s the perfect year to develop an interest in soap. What could be better than a moment of quarantine in a pandemic to take the time to conduct a personal introspection? Theo Veron created SAINTS, offering seven different options for washing hands and sins. Each soap is inspired by one of the seven deadly sins to offer a unique experience. Let’s remember all of them: Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Greed, and Wrath. Which can you relate to the most?

Theo invites us to continue washing our hands as a healthy habit, but in a holier way. Featuring a mainly dark and off-white palette, this project surprises with a vibrant and intense color inside every sin.
A completely different typography-based design, that remits us to heaven-and-hell style with a curvy typo. Plus some strong messages with a ‘hidden’ humorous intention. Perhaps after scrolling through this skincare branding project you would like to have one of Saints’ soaps and wash your sins away


Credits: Théo Véron

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