Ruisrock Festival

Sofia Pusa designed the identity for Ruisrock Festival. Ruisrock is the oldest music festival in Finland and in 2019 it was organised for the 50th time. In honour of the anniversary, Sofia was commissioned to create a new logo design and a set of illustrations for the festival.

Ruisrock takes place in Turku on picturesque Ruissalo Island. Over three days the schedule is packed with international artists, a wide range of culinary options, arts, summer sun and happy gatherings.

The illustrations draw on the beautiful festival setting in the National Park of Ruissalo and celebrate the closeness of nature and hot summer days at the festival. The rhythmic logo design with geometric letterforms that still evoke the idea of a calligrapher’s pen plays with the collision of man-made spaces and nature, urban and organic, all inherent in the Ruisrock Festival experience.


Credits: Sofia Pusa

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