Rose & Mary branding

Rose & Mary is a gourmet food, sugar & gluten free delivery service that launched in North London this year. The design studio behind is filthy media were invited by Chalk Architecture to create the brand identity, working directly with the R&M team to create a narrative for all their digital and physical communications. The studios aim was to convey the passion and authenticity that goes into every dish, using materials that reflect Rose’s fine ingredients and sophisticated flavours, and a palette that conveys Mary’s uncompromising dedication to nutritional balance. Shown in this case study is the logotype and icon, business cards and launch cards, chopping board and custom delivery packaging, uniforms, delivery car and brand application to their Muswell Hill kitchen. Having completed the Rose & Mary branding and application to the business cards, launch cards, chopping board, custom delivery packaging, uniforms and delivery car the second stage of the project was to design and build their website. The site consists of two main areas: A scrolling homepage giving a full overview of the Rose & Mary offer, and an “order now” section where users can create an account and order their food to be delivered at home.


Credits: filthy media

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