Rookie is on a mission to eradicate wellness intimidation because they believe that getting uncomfortable, trying new things, and embracing beginner-hood is the better way to live. They have created a line of PhD-approved supplements for women of all walks of wellness. Rookie asked NiceDay to bring this vision to life. 

After months of discovery and research, NiceDay created a modern, feminine, and youthful brand featuring a sans serif font that offered just the right amount of personality and edge. Once the branding was flushed out, NiceDay started designing packaging for its full line of supplements. NiceDay set out to create packaging so beautiful that women would want to display them in their homes. To do so, NiceDay left appropriate amounts of negative space, which allowed the color palette and typography to shine, resulting in packaging vessels that feel airy and modern with touches of elegance.
NiceDay supported Rookie with brand identity, collateral design, website design, social media, photography styling, and art direction. Plus, the creative team carried this thought process and execution through to each additional deliverable and continues to support the brand as it forges forward toward its goal of changing wellness for the better.

All in all, we are enchanted by the final appearance of Rookie’s gorgeous and feminine aesthetic. Also, we’re big fans of subtle textured backgrounds for ard direction, which add an extra value without contaminating the set.


Credits: NiceDay

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