Roller Boy

Going back to the 50s dinner aesthetic, today we’re showcasing the Irish diner Roller Boy. It has an elevated sausage roll concept, matched with nostalgic desserts and a fun brand created by Crown Creative.

Roller Boy’s project is one of the studio’s most recent ventures, as they continue to incubate their unique hospitality concepts and take them to market. Roller Boy was established as a pop-up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and brought a new voice to the city’s fledgling casual dining scene.
A characteristic pale blue tone and a friendly child with a cap as the protagonist are this diner’s principal features. Even though this kid doesn’t figuratively appear, we recognize some of his features when the logo is the central figure. The studio consistently worked on Roller Boy’s identity and included signage menus, stickers, and stamps. Yes, stamps for loyalty cards.

All in all, this branding project has a nostalgic quote that makes us miss the classic and vintage diner’s appearance. Simple, familiar, and with a handcrafted approach.

Crown Creative is a full-service hospitality design agency.
They are a studio of designers, writers, artists & strategists passionate about the space where hospitality and design meet.
With each brand they create, they integrate aesthetic sensibility plus an astutely strategic approach through research and an intuitive finger on the pulse of hospitality and design.


Credits: Crown Creative

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