Andstudio designed Rockit – the prime space in Lithuania, where top fintech innovators, creators, and founders build the future of Financial Technologies. The designers decided to feed its vibrant ecosystem of networking, expertise-sharing, cooperation, and strive for sustainable innovation into their new identity system.

The fundamental organizational aim of the FinTech hub branding was to finally implement their future vision of representing the Lithuanian Fintech community, both its participants and successes. Hence together with Rockit, they aligned this vision with the key brand values – “leading, connecting, and inclusive” – which could be easily translated into their visual language.

As Rockit needed an identity that ensures its promise of, first, a leading tech startup organization, they selected a bold wordmark logo design, instantly communicating a strong brand personality. The logotype is complemented aside with a palette that contains muted colors, which further ingrain a reputable and reliable image of Rockit. As a result, the brand assets together disclose the value of “connecting,” portraying the organization as an active, dynamic community, with a clear and trustworthy communication style.


Credits: Andstudio

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