Rever, a leading figure in bathroom culture since its establishment in 2016, underwent a significant rebranding by A Black Cover Design, in 2021 that showcased remarkable transformations. Departing from its previous vintage and fresh styles, Rever ventured into uncharted territory, breaking free from constraints and opening itself up to a wider creative landscape. The brand’s new design direction aimed to infuse the bathroom experience with a sense of joy and pleasure, using music as a central theme. By incorporating rhythmic elements into its logo and exploring various music genres through product lines, Rever successfully established a captivating and immersive bathroom culture, allowing consumers to perceive the harmonious blend of body care and mood enhancement.

The rebranding of Rever showcased profound changes across its visual identity, from the logo to packaging design and communication context. The redesigned logo, inspired by the rhythm of music, featured bouncing letters that invoked associations with melody and tempo. Moreover, the symmetrical structure of the logo conveyed a refined and stable quality. With boldface fonts that connected with different product lines encompassing jazz, pop, electronic music, and rock, Rever’s design reimagined the bathroom as a space that transcends mere functionality, infusing it with a distinctive character and inviting consumers to perceive the silent music emanating from the products.


Credits: Nod Young

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