Republic of Patterns branding

Beautiful branding for Republic of Patterns, a clothing brand, by Studio Sarna in Poland.

Republic of Patterns is a young company with ambitions to make some noise in the clothing industry. They started in early 2018, with a collection of just a few shirts, but they get more and more action in the wings with every week. Studio Sarna had the pleasure to make sure, that the visual aspect of this project, presents as good as it can from the very beginning.
To get things going, Sarna had to start with logo design of course. In the logomark, were combined a symbol of a flag with a simple pattern. It perfectly completes with the brand name, so the whole logo is a well-thought-out unity. The pattern was also extended to much bigger form and enrich overall visual identity.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Studio Sarna

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