Repeat from Music PWM Calendar

Today, musical vibes are approaching Mindsparkle Mag. We’re showcasing 2021’s calendar book for Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne, PWM. Established in 1945, PMW specializes in publishing scores and books about classical music, jazz, and now, more frequently, film music. The project was creatively led by Tofu Studio, featuring a minimal, black and white aesthetic.

The youngest students of musical arts, renowned artists, orchestras, lecturers, and many music lovers alike are the users of all those materials.
For 2021, Tofu Studio has prepared for PWM Edition the customized book calendar focused on presenting styles of the 20th contemporary and classical music like Sonorims, Electro-Acoustic Music, Minimalism, Spectralism, among others. Each month in the calendar graphically refers to a specific music trend with its visualization.
Moreover, Tofu designers dig deeper when interviewing the musicologist Dr. Iwona Lindstedt, a professor from the University of Warsaw, to prepare introductory texts and extras for each contemporary music style shown in their project.
Tofu Studio designers came up with a stunning visual identity featuring a perfectly eye-balanced graphic composition. The idea was to represent a variety of music styles in an abstract and super optical way. PWM’s calendar has a minimalistic appearance and a dynamic imprint as music does. The color palette chosen to do so was a greyscale-toned one. Plus, for the external hardcover, creatives added some metallic details.

All in all, Tofu Studio’s design is super original and has a hypnotizing style which will make you want time to go slower this year. What’s more, it seems this static project is in motion. And we love it!


Credits: Tofu Sutdio

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