Refilled Packaging Design

Since always, there’s been particular care for hair and styling. So, today we’re presenting a branding project that cares about hair growth. The brand Refilled specializes in hair loss and expertise on scalp and hair in detail. With all the technological devices and artificial intelligence, Refilled manages to give a precise solution to this problem. For its visual concept, the brand called AURG Studio to work on it. 

The design team defined a bold new concept for the brand’s visual identity, called New Derma. The idea was to give customers fresher and new-looking cosmetics with a pharmaceutical approach. Creatives came up with a brief color palette but super modern for the product’s packaging. Plus, they included some practical information about how to massage and wash our scalp. This information becomes the center of the label design as it appears in an illustrative yet aesthetic composition.
Designers, in continuance with their modern line, chose clean, bold typography. Also, it perfectly matches the simple and beautiful logo. And for art direction, creatives followed a minimal, well-executed atmosphere, focusing on the boxing and its illustrations. Not to mention, but we’re in love with the tiny, clear containers. 

All in all, AURG studio created an unpolluted concept for Refilled identity and packaging design. We’re big fans of how they incorporated some useful advice; as the central image of their boxes.  


Credits: AURG Studio

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