Colin coffee

One particular feature about the design community is our unconditional kind-of-addictive bond with coffee. After long nights, sleepless, we’ve put all our faith in this warm beverage that seems to have fallen from heaven. After this prologue, meet Colin coffee by Reesaw studio, based in Shangai.

We’ve featured many coffee packaging designs. However, we’ve never seen anything like Colin’s design. The creative team incorporated unique illustrations based on its oriental culture and influence, even though they are well-known for another infusion: tea. Yet, it’s worth it to highlight how both beverages can live together without disrespecting each other.
The color palette designers came up with incorporates the iconic oriental red and a gorgeous light-blue tone that adds a nice contrast. Moreover, Reesaw studio has a fine eye for Colin’s art direction. Their work at the set is super modern and fun! This beautiful coffee kit has it all; does any colleague comes to mind to give them this as a gift?

All in all, we’re fascinated by Reesaw studio’s work for Colin’s modern visual identity and packaging design. Do you religiously drink coffee each morning to start the day? FYI, we do 🙂


Credits: Reesaw Studio

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