Rancho Lewis

A new branding project by SDCO Partners: John Lewis, one of Charleston’s most prominent pitmasters and creator of Lewis Barbecue, expanded his culinary pursuits into a Mexican border cuisine concept called Rancho Lewis, home to scratch-made tortillas, locally sourced ingredients, Hatch chilis, and Charleston’s largest bar.

The design conveys the warmth and joy inherent in the brand, using influences from West Texas architecture, vintage restaurants, classic and script letterforms, and colors that evoke the Texas landscape and hues of masa and mole.

A collection of graphic elements and tangible touchpoints — from hand-painted canvas wall coverings, matchbooks, signage, and red neon roses to menus and a sopapilla enjoyment guide with hand-drawn illustrations — create a playful, cohesive brand experience that guests will see, taste, feel, and remember.


Credits: SDCO Partners

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