Ramencraft is more than just a restaurant; it’s an architectural and gastronomic experience that bridges tradition with modernity, bringing a new dimension to Prague’s restaurant industry. A perfect blend of top notch architecture by SOA Architects from Prague with an outstanding brand identity Tomas Eisner from Slovakia.

Located in the heart of Prague, the restaurant offers a unique fusion of Japanese culture, the gaming world of 8-bit graphics, and popular culture into its architectural design. This project stems from the investors’ passion for Japanese culture while being fascinated by Japanese tradition and pop culture, which is evident throughout the restaurant’s concept.

A key element of the graphic design is the use of pixels, which appear throughout the interior, including the tiles right at the entrance, depicting “Czezilla” as a representation of the Czech approach to the Japanese cultural phenomenon. This visual element is an original way to merge the gaming world with traditional Japanese culture, giving visitors the impression of being in an environment full of energy and fun.

The highly contrasting combination of blue and bright red colors, intertwined throughout the interior, gives the restaurant dynamism and liveliness. These colors not only refresh the space but also emphasize the atmosphere of fast refreshments that the restaurant offers.

The concept of Ramencraft itself brings a new perspective to “fast food” ramen. Visitors can choose their favorite ramen variant at the counter and then find a place to sit. They can choose to sit in the front part of the restaurant among separate “booths” for undisturbed slurping of soup or in the back, where they immerse themselves in highly expressive graphics and experience the authentic world of Japanese gaming.

Photographer Studio Flusser, www.studioflusser.com
Collaborator Gastronomy production: InGastro
Graphic design: Tomáš Eisner
Locksmith work: Pavel Blecha
Carpentry work: Jaroslav Morgenstern


Credits: SOA Architects

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