The client approached vve.design studio with an idea of a new-generation butcher and requested their guide to achieve their dream. The creative team provided a full branding design and strategy service from A to Z, from naming to logo design, strategy to branding guidelines, pattern to packagings, labels to stickers, branded illustrations to animations, uniforms to product tags. 

As a result, vve.design studio created a contemporary and new-gen butcher brand located in Turkey. So, they can proudly say that it’s the first of its kind in the world! The word Ragyu is coined from the Italian “Ragu” and the Japanese “Wagyu” words.
Before the team began creating the Ragyu brand, they looked at the butchery experience with fresh eyes from the inside out – analyzing everything from the habits and needs of a new generation. This allowed them to approach the industry in a way that none has done it before. 

However, while revolutionizing the butchery, designers wanted to keep strong imagery more than a logo but an icon to remind the traditional way, and most importantly used by none. In the end, all these thoughts and research pointed in one direction; the ear tag.


Credits: vve.design

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