RAG – Customizable identity

Today, we’re showcasing a design post that brings a lot of speed and sportive spirit. We love some healthy competition it’s always good to motivate people. Rag is a brand that produces customizable jerseys for motocross, BMX, and mountain bikers. The use of bold and neon colors is characteristic of these sports. 

Caserne was creatively in charge of Rag’s customizable identity. Another feature of biking is the countless amount of stickers used in the pieces of equipment. One hallmark of the brand is its sustainability, its innovative short production line, its environmental impact is kept to a minimum. The idea of customization forms the basis of the brand identity, made up of some 20 logos. Plus, the brand’s technical expertise comes to life through curved typographic treatments reminiscent of race tracks and conveyor belts.
The design team created a wide variety of typographies with extensive color variations. Through different techniques, velocity is present in the brand, sometimes is expressed with diagonals or curvy typefaces that refer to movement and dynamics. 

The overall aesthetic of Rag’s identity is super modern and features a bold aesthetic. Its customizable approach makes us desire it more, as we can adapt it to our pleasure. We cannot wait to personalize our devices with their stickers 🙂

Photography: Samuel Pasquier


Credits: Caserne

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