Pulva brand identity

The new communication strategy developed for the Pulva architecture studio was inspired by real places, nature and the works of artists cooperating with the company. Concentration, sensitivity and meticulous attention to the client’s needs are the key elements of the approach that Pulva adopts to create unique interiors in which the sources of inspiration are easy to identify. ‘We like minimalism because silence, harmony and space tidiness are so important to us’ With this in mind architects working at Pulva create their designs. They have been in the business for 15 years and thus far succeeded in implementing several dozen designs. The new communication strategy focuses on the sense of space awareness that the architects at Pulva have and refers to the aesthetic qualities that they favour. The claim ’We create space to be at your service’ puts emphasis on the presence of space and makes reference to the functionality of the designs. The KV, in turn, refers directly to the sources of the architects’ inspiration. Their fascination with mountain peaks as well as their passion for natural colours, Brodziak’s and Mańkowski’s photography, Zygadlewicz’s paintings as well as fashion, jazz and classical music all have an influence on the designs created at Pulva. The priority was not only to develop a communication strategy that would be elegant but also one that would emphasise the values that are of paramount importance for the designers behind the Pulva studio. The Minima agency is responsible for the communication strategy, the KV, the claim, the studio website and B2B materials.


Credits: Minima

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