Proper – Branding and Packaging Design

Unspoken Agreement ,Saxon Campbell & Robin Kannard designed Proper – Branding and Packaging Design. Proper offers a better way to get to sleep. Your unique sleep issues require a modern, individualized, and holistic approach – Proper’s evidence-backed tips and coaching help you achieve and maintain long-term sleep health.

Proper’s brand identity concept is reflective of the product’s overall goals. For the wordmark, we chose a lowercase sans-serif with rounded corners for a clinical and attainable aesthetic. The 5 bar logo element pays homage to the decades of the 5 different stages of sleep studied. These five stages have different frequencies and durations which transition from stage to stage throughout each night. The blues in the color palette were chosen to call to mind calmness and tranquility, while the orange represents a vibrant and energetic feeling achieved after a night’s rest.


Credits: Unspoken Agreement, Saxon Campbell & Robin Kannard

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