The True Honey Co.

When Marx Design were briefed, we immediately knew this was an opportunity to create an exceptional piece of work. After much consideration we developed a brand built on TTHC’s values of honesty and transparency. As the honey is only purchased online, the packaging plays an important part in the brand experience, one we developed into a canvas to communicate the values of the company. We worked closely with Think Packaging to create a completely unique protective case to ship the precious Manuka honey, that doesn’t require bubble wrap, foam filler or nasty petro-chemicals. The True Honey Co. use MGO to measure Manuka quality. It was therefore important to make our ratings, which are a focal point of our brand’s transparency, the hero of the packaging. Large, modern typography highlights our pride in our honey in a bold, yet humble manner. Every finish was laboured over – multiple illustrations, foils used on black stock, high-builds and textured finish on the labels. This attention to detail has created packaging that truly reflects The True Honey Co.’s premium product and honesty-driven brand positioning.


Credits: Marx Design

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