Created by fans for fans, PopSeoul is an online store dedicated to bringing the new K-pop musical releases to all fandom and Korean culture lovers in Mexico and Latin America. It doesn’t matter if you are a BLINK, an ARMY, EXO-L, ONCE, ELF, ReVeluv, Shawol, or any other fandom… with PopSeoul, you can find someone who shares your love for your idols. Influenced by Seoul’s neon lights, its overall aesthetic has to do with Pop Korean culture.

PopSeoul commissioned CherryBomb to work on their rebrand. Even though they are a relatively young brand, their growth and reach have been exponential, reaching tons of Kpop fans in Mexico and Latin America. So far, they had not paid enough attention to developing their identity. The brand’s founder expressed her desire to create a fresh identity. It shouldn’t clash in quality with the fantastic album arts that the Korean music industry creates; for bands like BTS, BlackPink, EXO, Red Velvet, etc… Almost every new release creates a unique experience. It usually extends beyond album art, and that with its collectible photocards and its gorgeous packaging seeks to connect emotionally with its fans. And they achieve that last point, period.
CherryBomb received inspiration from the neon lights of Seoul, the aesthetic style, and the Pop-Korean culture that many of us love and want to live and experiment with. Mostly with friends, while we all taste the delicious flavors of its street food and its karaokes or arcade salons. This is PopSeoul, a love letter for our Idols, their culture, and the music we love the most.

The overall aesthetic takes us directly to Korea’s culture, as it combines bright, vivid colors characteristic of neon signs and a friendly approach, like who doesn’t like smiley flowers stickers?


Credits: Cherry Bomb Creative Co.

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