Polhem PR Branding

Beautiful branding for Polhem PR, an agency in Sweden. Created by Hmmm Creative Studio in Estonia.

Re-branding project for an international PR company POLHEM PR based in Sweden plus 7 more European countries. Keeping the iconic logo we had to build around it and create a colorful world of idea splashes & logo stamp variations that would connect all the PR fields and Polhem countries. During the rebrand project, a completely new homepage was also created: http://polhem.com
Portfolio photography: Hooligan Hamlet x Felix Laasme
Project Lead – Karl Saluveer
Art Director / Designer – Helene Vetik
Designer – Pamela Sume
Designer – Andreas Roosson
Web developer – Madis Nestor

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Hmmm Creative Studio

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