As we used to stay a lot of time at home, most of us invested a lot of time and money to make our houses a more comfortable space. The gamer and office chairs’ sales rise until the clouds. Also, thanks to streaming platforms, there are some advanced technological solutions for those new spaces that become 24/7 inhabited. Playhouse welcomes you to the church of gaming.

Danielle Shami was in charge of Playhouse’s branding and trade dress for a gaming concept store at Selfridges, London. This gaming destination aims to make it more inclusive, showcasing VR experiences alongside retro arcade games. The face of gaming has changed – from loners living in their parent’s basement to avant-garde gen-z influencers pushing the limits of technology and innovation.
Blurring the lines between Digital and Physical – mixed mediums are increasingly becoming the norm in design, creating a constant virtual exploration. The brand builds a connection with the audience through – AR, VR, projections, 3d, moving images, video, graphics, and sound. The surreal creations aren’t only remapping the relationship with social media but also changing the perception of identity and beauty.

When taking gaming to fashion, Danielle Shami designed different headpieces AR masks for the models and influencers. Also, Danielle created a movement within our movement, blurring identities and gender and creating new ones. The AR face masks give anonymity and collectivity. Choose who you want to be.

By creating AR experiences, the team integrates the viewer into the branding of playhouse play with the 3d creatures created for the branding or cross over through the arch. These arches are the gateway to a new world, cross over, Transform yourself.


Credits: Danielle Shami

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