Plato Branding

It is a project dedicated to before and after a dish is placed on the table. Where it intervenes not only the taste, but the culture; In terms of music, art, beliefs, cinema, moods and personality. Plató seeks to be a platform for disseminating themes, traditions and new proposals around food. Through different aspects, this digital space aims to show the culinary scenario from the neighbor’s house to the most exclusive restaurant, through preparation techniques, suppliers, cost, presentation and of course flavors. Plató is not a recipe magazine or restaurant directory. The main mission is to offer content and stories around the art of making and enjoying food and how different themes are mixed around it. Under the philosophy that food has always been a determining factor in society, this project starts from all those ingredients and dishes that have been cared for from the root to the last grain of salt that has been added to them, and through that it breaks down ideas. About who sells it and who consumes it and how it influences their profile in daily life.


Credits: Treceveinte

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