Pizza BÉTÉ

ntroducing Pizza BÉTÉ: Celebrating Friendship Through Mobile Pizza Oven Service

Pizza BÉTÉ, founded in Hungary in 2021, is a mobile pizza oven service that embodies the power of friendship. Its name, a playful Hungarian pun, reflects its mission as a friendly company. Rather than solely focusing on a great recipe, Pizza BÉTÉ believes that a truly exceptional Neapolitan pizza is made even better by the connections it fosters.

The design concept of Pizza BÉTÉ draws inspiration from the distinctive graphic style that emerged during the era of the Iron Curtain. The visual language, characterized by simplicity and directness, creates an approachable aesthetic, aligning seamlessly with Pizza BÉTÉ’s emphasis on cultivating camaraderie.

Under the creative direction of Marcell Kazsik, a Budapest-based freelance designer, Pizza BÉTÉ’s visual identity captures the essence of the era while maintaining a modern touch. Through a blend of hand-drawn elements and clean design principles, the brand conveys a welcoming atmosphere that celebrates the enduring value of friendship.

As a mobile pizza oven service, Pizza BÉTÉ takes to the streets, inviting people to come together and enjoy the simple pleasures of delicious food and shared experiences. Each slice becomes a catalyst for building new connections and nurturing existing friendships. The aroma of freshly baked pizza fills the air, setting the stage for genuine moments of connection and camaraderie.


Credits: Marcell Kazsik

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