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PIB was founded because the founders couldn’t find furniture which combined style & quality online. PIB offers products designed to create a unique style, with flawless finishes, a timeless design to combine stylistic elements in perfect harmony.
The company selects and manufactures based on demanding criteria. The nobility of materials, finishes, with the consideration of the patina. Although the shop doesn’t have an endless catalogue,they provide a harmonious collection. PIB values quality over quantity.

PIB’s great range of industrial furniture
Combining high-quality wood with sturdy metal, industrial furniture has become an indisputable leader in vintage decoration. Inspired by the workshop and factory furniture of the late 19th century, metal was originally used for hygiene and ease of maintenance. In the beginning, the industrial furniture was therefore designed to be first and foremost functional, but its timeless and atypical look has allowed it to become an icon of interior decoration, as industrial tables.

PIB’s Scandinavian furniture collection
Sobriety and elegance are the hallmarks of the Scandinavian style. Simple and refined, our Nordic style furniture is inspired by the neat lines common from the 40s to the 60s, like the Runkö occasional table.

PIB’s Shabby Chic furniture collection
If you like cottages, country houses and gardens, you will easily find joy from the Boho countryside range. Inspired by the English shabby chic trend, this style is based on a vintage style decoration with solid wood with a patina finish and full grain leather.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: PIB Home

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