Phyto Nectars

Brand creation for Phyto Nectars designed by Mid-air Studio. Conceived by wellness expert + author Katia Narain Phillips + formulated by phyto nutritionist Michael Isted of The Herball. These purposeful, carefully curated blends of plant + mushroom extracts support focus, rest, beauty + immunity.

Creative concept – a joyful expression of the dynamic interconnection of plants, science + taste at the centre of the brands DNA.

The imagery at the heart of the design is a series of plant stem cross-section micrographs. This concept of magnification + attention to detail is intended to convey the beautiful complexity of the blends, the mindful ritual of the experience + the vibrant potency of plants.

Working with a scientist who specialises in capturing micrographs, the team selected those that mirrored key ingredients through their shape and form.

The organic, vibrant imagery is offset with a more formal typography style, New Atten typeface (inspired by listening to David Attenboroughs narration) was chosen to tie into the concept. Again, seeking to balance the natural and dynamic with an element of precision and control.

For back of pack and in supporting communications a secondary visual language was developed to showcase active ingredients with a system of symbols. Each one a stylised form of the plant arranged in repeat rotation to reference the artful blending of the powders and in the preparation.

The packaging is printed with a soft touch finish on recycled board with spot UV varnish applied to the micrographs and plant symbols on back of pack.


Credits: Mid-air Studio

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