Pauli & Sisters

Marina Veziko created the branding and art direction for a California based, family-owned business Pauli & Sisters. Their first product ‘Repair Serum’ is a holistic hero oil for stretch marks, scars and uneven skin tone.

“It starts with every ingredient being a hero ingredient. We don’t pack our formula with ingredients for marketing purposes. Pauli & Sisters has 11 ingredients and all 11 are carefully formulated over a two year period to give your skin the love it deserves.”

The identity tries to steer away from typical organic cosmetics visuals by introducing vivid, saturated colors in the packaging and overall branding. Imagery and tone of voice is fun, playful and youthful.
 The slogan being “Guardians of your skin”, the abstract leaf shape pattern on the packaging is highlighting just that – hero ingredients from natural origins protecting and healing your skin.

Branding, packaging, art direction: Marina Veziko. Photography: Sara Urbanski. MUAH: Emma Puhakka. Web development: Oscar Gómez.


Credits: Marina Veziko

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