Innovative textile company BYBORRE has partnered with London based creative studio Optical Arts to produce the short film Patience, a tribute to the brand’s latest textile collection and a celebration of the timeless virtue of patience.

Amidst the frenetic pace of the modern world, where time slips through our fingers like
sand, there exists a timeless virtue that beckons us to pause, to breathe, and to embrace the art of waiting. It is with great pleasure we unveil “Patience, a poetic ode to the power and beauty of patience in an age of instant gratification.

This film is an ode to the slowness, a meditation on the passage of time, and an exploration of the insights that arise from contemplation. Through its surreal journey, the film orchestrates a montage of ideas, inviting viewers into a realm of daydream. You can watch the entire film here.

Optical Arts Creative Director, Fabrice Le Nezet, shares his inspiration: I have always been fascinated with BYBORRE textile and the technology behind it. As I was looking at the latest textiles collection, I lost myself in the intricate details of the design and started imagining how it would look if I could place my camera right on the surface. From there I developed a dreamlike journey playing with time and scale to create a fictional distorted space, a space where everything is possible.

He further notes the technical challenges involved: “Single-camera move sequences are always a technical challenge. Its a bit of a puzzle to decide how best to organise the scene so multiple artists can work on different aspects simultaneously.”

“Patience” was brought to life using 3D softwares, Maya and Houdini, with Nuke and Flame employed for 2D compositing. The film promises to take audiences on a journey through time and space, revealing new realities and perspectives.


Credits: Optical Arts

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