Pastel Pretties

We’re happy because it’s almost Friday and we want to celebrate with you with a colorful and jolly design. Based in Sydney, Jack Forrest, designer and illustrator, created a couple of posters featuring smiley faces and bold typefaces called Pastel Pretties. He loves experimenting with different resources to create depth and impact. Plus, he’s strong-opinionated about design influence, which can change the viewer’s behavior to make them happy.

Jack’s concept includes a bright, lively color palette with a vintage aesthetic. Plus, the smiley sun gives the illustrations a humorous approach accompanied by some bold titles and short captions. Almost as if they were thought for the gram. However, his graphic work is the result of Casetify’s collection for phone and accessories cases. We’re looking forward to getting one of our own.
The witty imprint and the popular topics Jack picked for his design are on point. Many people relate to the chosen themes, like social media, happy hours, and emotions. The Instagrammer pulled out many trends from 2021, including color gradients and bold fonts.

Within his smiling and bright illustrations, we bring you a positive message for the rest of the week. It doesn’t matter what people think of you; demonstrate with actions who you are and validate what you think of yourself. Cheers and enjoy the weekend 🙂


Credits: Jack Forrest

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