Parts & Labour

Have you ever worked with an interdisciplinary team where every area was taken into consideration when creating the studio’s identity? Well, we know one that managed to so. Based in three of the biggest cities in North America, Parts & Labour is a creative studio with award-winning artists and directors. Intending to create an identity that strengthens the ties between producers and directors, Quatrième Étage studio created an impactful typographic design with an industrial aesthetic. 

Quatrième Étage designed the visual identity, website, and language for Parts & Labour. When taking into account both parts, designers chose very different fonts and center-aligned text blocks, giving Parts & Labour an industrial aesthetic linked to its naming. Also, they opted for the extended version of the main typography to strengthen the logotype, director’s names, and titling.
Moreover, the color palette contrasts with the typography compositions while coming along with different directors’ works. The use of color gradients for the main printing pieces adds an extra factor. And the full-color business cards are a must; we love them. 

All in all, we are fascinated by the stationary design for Parts & Labour and Quatrième Étage executed an amazing visual identity for this creative studio based in Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto. 


Credits: Quatrième Étage

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