Parkside Design Values & Ethos Poster

This week’s Top 10 was about Branding on Posters. So following with this line, today we’re showcasing Parkside’s design values and ethos poster. Brand values are not only for the audience to engage with them but for designers to be mind-aligned with it and their mates when creating.
Moses’ 10 commandments for
This B1 holographic poster for the Parkside design team aims to give a common ground that connects them to their core values, vision, and “how they approach work” in their projects. Creatives chose a cool, blue-violet tone for the shimmering material that makes their design stand out. They came up with an ultra-modern concept and style.
To have something Parkside can frame and enjoy and not “just let die” on their shared drive, they thought of nailing this dope printing design. The goal? To hopefully inspire and motivate other teams within the company to find a way to foster company culture and stay true to their values and work process.

We’re mesmerized by Parkside’s modern and futuristic creation to expose and highlight their values as a brand but, most importantly, as a team. All in all, the art direction for the project’s presentation is on point, as we can see part of the team appearing and getting involved.


Credits: Diano Kitanovski

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