Panettoni Pavolucci

We’re getting Christmas vibes with today’s design project: Panettoni Pavolucci. There has been a panettone boom in the last years, and their popularity has risen to peak levels. As a seasonal product, it usually needs conservative and decorative graphic resources that remind us of snowy December. However, this brand aims to overcome the seasonal sales and push it to daily consumption. So, they needed a fresh image, consequently, they asked Requena Office to take care of it.

The branding concept revolves around the Pavolucci twins. Their genes would be what triggers and defines the brand’s character. The naming itself hides the key logo design. The visual metaphor consists that both words got twin letters and share their morphology, highlighting their dual spirit.
Also, the packaging needed to communicate and bring something fresh to the table, literally. An original yet modern box aims to seduce the buyer. The Requena Office team came up with a packaging that doesn’t require labels, as it wisely includes all the information needed. The Panettoni Pavolucci graphic strategy reinforces the duality concept through symmetry and balances negative spaces.

All in all, Panettoni Pavolucci invites us not to wait until Christmas to enjoy a slice of panettone as their brand has stock for all year! Let panettone not be seasonal 🙂


Credits: Requena Office

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