Pamipe, is a pet food revolution. The Pamipe family contacted OMNI Design studio to work on a new brand identity for their subscription services of feeding pets at home; including strategy, visual and verbal identity. They had started a unique pet food project, one of the first home delivery feed subscriptions in Spain for pets, which was beginning to show signs of fatigue with the rise of other pet food delivery start-ups.
In their sessions to compare the brand to the gigantic brands in the market in their clinical, youthful, friendly, sweet, familiar, childish, happy positioning the studio found the solution. OMNI had to leave the slipstream of the competition, turn the brand upside down; Pamipe needed to break with everything established, show herself as a leader; safe, authentic and light-hearted.
This is how they start working. Stop treating pets like babies and celebrate, as them as what they like, the freshest instincts with an extremely simple, modern and groundbreaking tone of voice and message. Pamipe has been created to get your attention. From Murcia to the world. The food that if your pet could talk, it would order.
Instagram: ONMI Design
Fotografía: Alex Lafuente
Cliente: PAMIPE®


Credits: OMNI Design

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