Palkki Identity

Palkki The company was founded in 2010 and is engaged in construction of houses from glued beams made of high-strength wood. The latest woodworking technologies allow to build any structures on the shape and volume – houses, saunas, relaxation areas. Palkki – this wooden house with a special atmosphere for a comfortable stay and pastimes. Architectural collection of homes is an exemplary project that can adapt to the individual needs of customers according to their tastes and preferences. The simplicity and conciseness peculiar to Scandinavian culture became the foundation and philosophy of the company. We have suggested to use geometric figures as a basis for our corporate style. On this basis, Bright head studio have built a logo and pattern. Natural, recyclable materials emphasize a high level of environmental friendliness and care about the world around. As a visual language they used universal designations of the construction materials (wood, metal, soil, concrete, etc.) applied on drawings of houses plans. Thus they have managed to convey the line of activity of the company directly.


Credits: Bright Head Studio

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