PAIST dared to shift the established paradigm in a market dominated by uniformity. The challenge? To stand out in a sea of red, white, and blue and to infuse an everyday product with excitement, sustainability, and a distinct tone of voice. PAIST’s ambition: to be everything the big brands weren’t.

Two Times Elliott collaborated with PAIST and posed a pivotal question: How do we create an identity that embodies trust and efficacy whilst ensuring it’s packed full of energy and freshness so far unseen in the oral care category? The solution stemmed from the concept of tooth brushing as a daily ritual, a consistent bookend amidst life’s chaos. This dual-layered approach resonated with PAIST’s desire for a reliable yet charismatic brand.

The studio’s efforts culminated in a visual identity that boldly parted ways with the standard lexicon of oral care. Two Times Elliott crafted a multidimensional brand identity by juxtaposing a clinical aesthetic with elements of spirited character. This layered approach enabled PAIST to project authority and approachability, reimagining oral care as a realm of playful energy and innovative design.

Studio Photography by Handover


Credits: Two Times Elliott

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