Pagoda Brand Design

In late 2021, blockchain powerhouse Near Protocol came to San Francisco-based agency Gold Front with a bold vision for a new platform, one where anyonefrom Web3 pros to would-be founders with no blockchain experiencecould build something great on Web3. Gold Front helped them name it Pagoda, and wrote their category strategy, positioning them as the first Web3 Startup Platform. They then designed the Pagoda brand and website, centered around the companys vision for a more open and accessible digital world.

Pagodas technology challenges the blockchain status quo by leading with accessibility and user-friendliness, so their new brand had to make this crystal clear. Instead of hiding behind overly-technical language, the Pagoda voice speaks in simple, direct terms. Where other blockchains lead with ominous, futuristic design, Pagodas brand is centered around the simple human joy of building something great.


Credits: Josh Lowman (Chief Creative Officer); Larry Johnson (Executive Strategy Director); Pete Chargin (Strategy Director); Ellie Strube (Creative Strategist); Emily Yurko (Executive Creative Director); Jonathan Haggard (Creative Director); Weldon Pless (Creative Director); Patrick Haadsma (Associate Creative Director); Bryan Dávila (Sr. Designer); Tyrell Cerveny(Jr. Designer); Matt Lafond (Head of Production); Andrea Beyer (Sr. Project Manager); Braden Young (Project Coordinator); Wei Bodmann (Illustrator); Relume (Web Developer)


Credits: Gold Front

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