OVO Things Product Design

OVO make things for home and people, the essential pieces that last and give people comfort of having less but better, seeing it as everyday luxury which is understated yet purposeful.

As according to Latin saying everything is ab ovo, the folks at OVO took inspiration from an egg and called their goods OVO Things. These are the perfected simple items, the classics of apparel and home: the white shirt, the cashmere scarf, linen bedding or beeswax candles. Add new things slowly and focusing on quality rather than width of an assortment is their key to success.

The things are made from the finest natural fibers and materials like cotton, cashmere, linen and beeswax. Every piece OVO designs is produced in limited amounts in Lithuania by skilled local manufacturers mostly by hand or with careful hand finish. Tailored pieces are made inhouse following traditional ways of tailoring.

OVO Things candles are created in a small factory by the hands of people who are doing it for many years. Just the raw materials and tools, that’s the romance of birth of a thing. Their hands through which candles travel until they reach people’s homes. A truly lovely journey.

Pure beeswax OVO Things candles are handmade and have multicolour cotton wicks. They come in three sizes for different occasions as Dinner, Birthday and Slim. Natural and simple yet smell like meadows. Handmade in Lithuania from local farmers’ beeswax. Natural and non-toxic, these candles undergo no chemical processing, no artificial colour or scent is added.

OVO Things cashmere accessories are knitted from the best yarns of Mongolian cashmere, designed and knitted in Lithuania. Super soft and warm the scarf comes in colour of camel, grey or black melange. The scarf is long and wide enough to wrap yourself cosy yet not too big to wear it comfortably. The scarf is delivered in OVO Things box for gifting or elegant storage.

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Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: OVO Things

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