Otherwhere is a lookbook created by Public/Official, a Brooklyn based creative studio. Completed in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic when many of us were confined to our homes, dreaming of a world beyond our own walls, Otherwhere is a whimsical exploration of imagined spaces – a form of escape.

Though fanciful in its execution, Otherwhere was created with serious intent. As a brand new design agency, Public/Official needed to find clients at a challenging time, designing the booklet as an introduction to the studio and giving prospective clients a sense of its aesthetic sensibility.

Under different circumstances the studio would have created full-scale sets or commissioned a series of renders, but in the midst of a pandemic and with only a tiny budget, the entire project was hand-built as a series of miniature spaces populated with appropriately diminutive furnishings and objects.

Created over a two month period, the environments and their trappings were the result of a process of relentless material exploration and experimentation – with no shortage of dead-ends and failed attempts along the way.

While the project’s original intention was to solicit art-direction, graphic design and branding projects, the designers and currently investigating the possibility of bringing a handful of their designs to life at full scale.


Credits: Heidi Chisholm and Richard Hart

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