ØTHERS – A Scent And Sound Ritual. In the prevailing wellness landscape, individuals grapple with a significant problemthe disparity between the promises of traditional Wellness 1.0 and the genuine well-being they seek. Conventional paths often lack tangible results, leaving many uninspired. The industry’s superficiality falls short of authentically nurturing holistic well-being.

Wellness 1.0 cynics face the challenge of seeking an alternative that aligns with their identities and transcends mainstream practices. Others emerge as the solution, specialising in exposure therapy, sensory tuning, and tribe-makingalternative pathways to well-being grounded in holistic science. A sanctuary for cynics, Others provide an authentic and transformative experience.

Enter ØTHERS, a revolutionary solution designed to fill the void within the wellness industry. ØTHERS specialise in alternative wellness practices, offering exposure therapy, sensory tuning and tribe-making, as unique pathways to well-being. Grounded in holistic science, ØTHERS go beyond the realms of mind and body, exploring environmental, cultural, and behavioural dimensions. It becomes the sanctuary for Wellness 1.0 cynics, offering an unconventional, authentic and transformative well-being experience.

With a rich tapestry of daily practices, forums, curated music and thoughtfully designed products, ØTHERS provides a platform accessible through an app or online. The solution lies in the seamless integration of exposure therapy, sensory tuning, and community-building rituals, offering a 360° approach to daily well-being. The functional fragrances, Mystic Zingaro and Red Skies serve as olfactory guides in this sensory journey, backed by rigorous scientific research conducted at White Mirror Lab, Lisbon.

TWO TIMES ELLIOTT worked with ØTHERS, a brand that represents the outliers or those who are different. Our design philosophy for ØTHERS blended elements from both the natural world and the digital realm. We focused on exploring the other within ourselves and the surrounding world, creating a design language for self-discovery and introspection. Emotive imagery and intricate graphic grid systems construct a multi-layered world, immersing users in a visually and emotionally rich experience.

The logo of the brand represents authoritative honesty with its cold and austere appearance. Despite its confident and upfront posture in the branding world, the “Ø” in the logo reflects an anti-movement, an activist line that breaks through and rewrites what has already been written. The logo expresses a continuous sorting movement inspired by the concept of “mind hacking,” which involves the manipulation of cognitive processes. The brand aims to unlock endless logo interpretations by utilising all available characters and symbols.

ØTHERS stand out in the industry due to their unique and authentic typographic language. The brand adopts an authoritative voice, utilising Neue Haas Grotesk for ultra-precise communication, guiding users through the realms of body, mind, and soul. The intricate design, bold utilitarian typography, and light technical detailing add new dimensions to the user experience, creating endless opportunities for discovery.

We were deeply committed to the concept of neurological hacking for ØTHERS, aiming for a harmonious synchronisation of the mind and body with the surrounding world. We developed an innovative typographic system, leveraging an ethereal upload experience. The use of Art Company Mono and an organic code system unlock new ingredients, guiding users through a transformative journey.

The fragrance box of ØTHERS is a daring feat of design and philosophy, developed in collaboration with Imprimerie du Marais. Featuring a 3D sculpted emboss with silver Pantone typography and carefully pressed messaging, the box is a testament to the brand’s attention to detail. The bespoke fragrance vessel seamlessly blends science and nature, with a two-tone gradient full bleed across the vessel, offering a nod to science and a touch of elegance.

The brand ØTHERS represents a paradigm shift in the context of wellness experiences. It offers an authentic alternative that addresses the challenges posed by uninspiring design, disconnected well-being approaches, and a superficial wellness industry. The brand encapsulates an enigmatic journey that is geared towards genuine well-being for discerning seekers.

The concept of ØTHERS is both straightforward to comprehend and yet challenging to elucidate. The brand’s allure lies in the opportunity it presents users to delve deeper and gain a genuine understanding of themselves. The brand’s ability to foster transformative wellness experiences is what sets it apart from the myriad of wellness brands in the market.

XX Team
Creative Director: James Horwitz
Strategy Director: Dani Sampson
Lead Designer: Edmund Lock
Motion Design: Connor Fairclough
Special Thanks: Jennifer Whitworth, Noemie Courtois and Eliza Wallis

Keelan Doyle
Chris Pugh

Print Production: Imprimerie du Marais
Project Documentation: Handover Agency

Director/DOP – Lee Burnett
Fixer – Rodrigo Camacho
Colourist – Michal Florczak
HMU – Ana Garcia Serrano

Furniture Foundry: Art Company Mono, Light.
Designed by Regan Johnson

Monotype: Neue Haas Grotesk Text, Regular.
Designed by Christian Schwartz

Lineto: Bradford, Light.
Designed by Laurenz Brunner


Credits: Two Times Elliott

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