On the Origin of Species — Evolutionary Edition

A typographic inspired ‘variorum’ edition of ‘On the Origin of Species’ that highlights all the linguistic changes Charles Darwin introduced to the book since its first publication in 1859, by presenting them alongside the complete sixth and final edition of the book later published in 1872. The evolutionary format of this book allows the reader to compare all the alterations Darwin made over thirteen years due to his further understanding and testing on his own theories.

A number of brilliant digital and print based ‘variorum’ editions have been produced that utilise the amended texts taken from the 6 editions of ‘On the Origin of Species’ over the past decades. However, with this version, in a printed book format is a first. This unique artist’s edition isn’t read like a traditional book. The reader sees the full text of the final edition of Darwin’s book displayed on the right page leaf, and all the corresponding changes he made which is presented on the left page leaf.

What the reader ends up seeing in this soft-bound book you only see the punctuation marks, words, sentences and paragraphs that have been lost or edited over the last 162 years. This creates a visually interesting book whilst at the same time telling an amazing hidden story. All set from the original Victorian letter-pressed typesetting of the final edition printed in 1872.


Credits: Simon Phillipson

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